Angel Whisperer

from Engelsrufer

Angel Whisperer

from Engelsrufer

About the brand Engelsrufer


Angel Whisperer from Engelsrufer – a precious piece of jewellery, fragile as an angel and strong enough to cope with all situations, was launched in 2010 in Schwabach, a small town in Franconia.

Carefully crafted in high-quality craftsmanship, our “Angel Whisperer” stands for a high standard of quality and attention to detail. The basket for the beautiful pendants is made of 925 sterling silver. The rhodium finish has been used to refine the surface to increase wearing comfort.

Each “angel caller” bell inside the sound ball has its own fine sound. The delicate blades should call our guardian angel to our side, so that they can protect us from all dangers.

The Engelsrufer collection includes not only the popular pendants in different sizes but also the matching wings.


Expansion of sales to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania and thus to more than 40 countries


Expansion of the Engelsrufer brand into 36 countries


Official introduction of the Engelsrufer pendants for the American market on the JCK Las Vegas. Expansion of sales of the Engelsrufer brand to South Africa, Sweden and Hungary and thus to 23 countries


Distribution of the Engelsrufer brand in 7 other countries: Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic


First public brand presentation at the INHORGENTA trade fair in Munich.
Expansion of Engelsrufer sales into 700 retail stores in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands until the end of 2012


The Birth of the Engelsrufer